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Ambient Room Lighting Upgrade for Just £75

GNG Disco Projector Addon

All of my uplighters/mood lighting are custom made with battery operation and wireless DMX.  No trailing wires and fully versatile to all locations.

It is so easy to add this to your booking, either ring me on 07706 1524 69, e-mail me on or simply complete the contact me form at the bottom of this page and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

What are L.E.D. Uplighters?

Uplighters are used to wash an entire wall, ceiling (Ceiling Flood lighting is included in all of my disco packages) or floor with colour, and until recently uplighters had a lamp and were restricted to one colour at a time. L.E.D uplighters contain a large range of popular combinations which can be changed without the need for filters or bulb changes. They are the latest technology in wash lighting and can be used for a variety of applications such as venue dressing, in houses, marquees and halls, special effects in photography and film, architectural installation or even temporary lighting for workman.

What can I do with LED uplighters?

L.E.D Uplighters are an ideal solution for you if;

you want to flood a large area of space with colour
you want one particular wall, or an entire venue to transform splashed with colour
you want to highlight a particular feature in a room, hall or marquee
you want to create an atmosphere by use of mood lighting
you want to create a spooky environment at a Halloween party
you want to create a special effect at an event, or in photography and film
you are having a wedding reception or party, and want to completely transform your venue
Great for any – Birthday Party – Corporate Event – Anniversary or other celebration

Mood Lighting or L.E.D. Uplighters? Are they the same thing?

Many people consider L.E.D. uplighters to be ideal form of Mood lighting. In fact, the traditional Parcan would have been one of the very first professional Mood-lighting effects available. The latest L.E.D. uplighters even have a colour fade mode, which gradually changes through the colour spectrum creating a fantastic effect in houses, halls, bars, clubs and anywhere you want to set the right Mood.

Can I change colour of a venue with uplighters?

Uplighters work best on lighter surfaces, with darker walls and ceilings needing more lights to get the full effect. Uplighters will transform your venue, reflecting colour off every surface making every object within its range glow with colour.

How much will L.E.D. uplighters cost to hire or hire?

4X LED Units Suitable for a Small to Medium Sized Hall/Room £100.00 (£80.00 as a Disco Addon)
8X LED Units Suitable for a Medium Sized Hall/Room £180.00 (£150.00 as a Disco Addon)
Each additional unit £25.00
(prices are incusive of delivery and installation withing a 25mile radius of NE31)

What size party venue can I cover?

Uplighters are extremely versatile, and you can always add another light for larger venues. I have vast experience in this field, and with the right details I can advise on the right uplighters for your venue.

Will they get hot?

Traditional par can uplighters were notorious for their heat, and dangers created from its 200+ watt bulb. With modern uplighters, the LEDs are never hot to touch, and are perfectly safe to be covered behind a backdrop if necessary.

How much space will they use?

Uplighters will have a floor footprint of about 0.3 sq m, and can be positioned in areas so not to affect anyone at the venue.  To fill larger areas you may require several lights separated equally across the base of a wall.

What colours are available?

Colours available are red, orange, gold, yellow, green, baby blue, royal blue, purple, pink and white. You can also use colour fades to naturally filter through colours.

What can I do with LED uplighters?

LED uplighters can transform a venue from looking dull and dated, to vibrant and new, and are the most cost effective way to decorate walls and ceilings of halls, marquees and bars. These plug-and-play wall washers throw colour across the walls and ceilings, reflecting shadows, and highlighting curves and features of a room. You can set any colours to suit your room, and even change the colour of the light during an event to move the party on from brighter colours during the day to more warm colours at night. Up-lighters can also be used during discos and parties, changing colour in time with the music, or even to dress a restaurant during a meal with single colours or soft fades. They are an extremely versatile and essential tool for dressing wedding venues, marquees, halls, bars and function rooms.

LED uplighters are bright, powerful, and incredibly energy efficient, using very little power to produce their effects. Traditional Parcan uplighters are their complete opposite, getting very hot, blowing bulbs and burning £’s of power in the process. There is no better way to transform your room for your special occasion.

Uplighters are great for your wedding venue.  Weddings and receptions are the most popular venues to use L.E.D uplighters, making the venue come alive with colour from strategically positioned lighting around the venue. Whether it be a hall, a country estate, a marquee, or a function room, any venue can look fantastic for your big day. They can be used during the whole event, using bright colours during a ceremony and the meal, and then switching modes to create chasing and dancing effects to the music during the evening celebrations. I can set up well in advance of the wedding, positioning the lights to flood as much space as possible or highlighting specific areas, before collecting that evening or the following day. Most venues generally only require 8-16 lights to create the desired effect, and I have great options available to you depending on your budget and circumstances. Call or email me now to hire LED uplighters for your wedding.

Uplighters are regularly hired at corporate events, and are a very useful option to create the right environment for your colleagues and clients. Intelligent mood lighting can be used to create the perfect atmosphere for business events and presentations, or during staff functions and office parties.

Uplighters are fast becoming an affordable and effective solution to covert your home to the ultimate party venue. Just hiring 8 lights you can change the colour of your room or marquee for your party, given your home a completely new and professional look for any special occasion you have planned. The sound to light mode is amazingly effective, flickering between colours to the rhythm of the music and changing your house party in to the best club in town.

My clients have used uplighters during Birthdays, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Christenings, Anniversaries, photography and video shoots, Corporate events and many other kinds of special occasions. The service we provide is convenient, affordable, reliable and professional, giving you the complete service for any special occasion.

I offer a delivery/set-up and collection service with any of our uplighter packages, and can include advice on colour changing. Our technician will position the equipment in the necessary areas, setting up to the correct colours and settings accordingly and safely.

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